Computing is not about computer anymore. It is about living in Digital age.

About 53rd Annual Convention

53rd Annual Convention of Computer Society of India (CSI 2018) will be held at Udaipur, India during 14th December 2018 to 16th December 2018. The CSI Annual Conventions are held in different cities across India. The CSI Annual Conventions, usually attracting 2000 plus participants have been held since 1965. Apart from technical sessions, tutorials, panel discussions, Exhibitions, various functions for awards are main features of the convention. This will be first ever CSI Annual Convention Hosted by CSI Udaipur Chapter. The theme of the CSI 2018 is “IOT for Sustainable Development”. It will cover all aspects of digital significance from governance to providing basic amenities to the citizens. This convention will provide a platform to the participants to share their views and ideas on latest technological developments in an inter- and intra-disciplinary perspective.

Convention Objective and Theme

The Internet of Things (IOT) is emerging as a powerful enabler in many application domains, such as water and energy management, environmental monitoring, health, smart cities, smart industry and supply chain management. The IoT has the potential to address some of the most acute human, economic and environmental needs. It can also directly contribute to achieving the targets in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Accordingly, the emerging IoT paradigm has the potential to create an efficient, effective and secure ecosystem taking advantage of connected devices for managing the major global challenges faced by this, and future generations. Moving time is now from - IOT - IOE ( Internet of Everything )

Main Theme

  • Internet of Things for Sustainable Development.

Sub Themes

  • IOT for Infrastructure
  • IOT for Computation
  • IOT for Research
  • IOT for E-Governance and Digital India
  • IOT for Policy Framework

Previous Conventions

No Convention Venue Theme
1 CSI-66 Calcutta An Ideal Computer Map For India
2 CSI-67 Hyderabad Place of Computers in the Industry
3 CSI-68 Kanpur Computer Education
4 CSI-69 Trivandrum Training on Software
5 CSI-70 Madras Automation Problem
6 CSI-71 Bangalore Choice of Large Computer Systems For Regional Centres
7 CSI-72 Bombay Challenges Of Computerisation - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
8 CSI-73 Delhi Computers- Catalysts for National Development
9 CSI-74 Madras Computers in Optimisation
10 CSI-75 Ahmedabad Computers in National Development
11 CSI-76 Hyderabad Computers And Social Change
12 CSI-77 Pune Man and the Computer
13 CSI-78 Calcutta Computer And The Quality Of Life
14 CSI-79 Bangalore Computers in a Developing Economy
15 CSI-80 Bombay Computers in the Eighties
16 CSI-81 Delhi Reliance of Computers in India
17 CSI-82 Madras Computer Manpower Development
18 CSI-83 Ahmedabad Computers and Productivity
19 CSI-84 Hyderabad Computers and Communications
20 CSI-85 Delhi Computers for Advancement of Rural Society
21 CSI-86 Calcutta Computers for Productivity and Quality
22 CSI-87 Bombay Information Technology for Deelopment
23 CSI-88 Madras Information Technology in Indian Languages
24 CSI-89 Bangalore Transaction Processing
25 CSI-90 Calcutta IT - Key To Progress
26 CSI-91 New Delhi It In Everday Life
27 CSI-92 Madras IT and Management
28 CSI-93 Bombay IT And Globalisation
29 CSI-94 Clacutta IT For Growth and Prosperity
30 CSI-95 Hyderabad Information Technology : Challenges & Opportunities
31 CSI-96 Bangalore India : The Emerging Information Technology Giant
32 CSI-97 Ahmedabad IT for Organisational Excellence
33 CSI-98 New Delhi IT for The Next Generation
34 CSI-99 Mumbai IT India Inc. : Enabling the Information Century
35 CSI-2000 Chennai Society and The Digital Millennium
36 CSI-2001 Kolkata India - Emerging IT Super Power
37 CSI-2002 Bangalore Harnessing and Managing Knowledge
38 CSI-2003 New Delhi Inormation, Computersand Telecommunications for the Prosperity of Mankind
39 CSI-2004 Mumbai IT++ : The Next Generation
40 CSI-2005 Hyderabad ICT for National Development
41 CSI-2006 Kolkata Affordable Computing
42 CSI-2007 Bangalore Gennext India - Future Minds
43 CSI-2008 Chennai Connected Society
44 CSI-2009 Pune Technology Lead Inclusive Growth
46 CSI-2011 Ahmedabad ICT 4 U Tracking the Lives of Everyone
47 CSI-2012 Kolkata Intelligent Infrastructure
48 CSI-2013 Visakhapatnam ICT and Cultural Infrastructure
49 CSI-2014 Hyderabad Emerging ICT for Bridging Future
50 CSI-2015 New Delhi Digital Life
51 CSI-2016 Coimbatore Digital Connectivity - Social Impact
52 CSI-2017 Kolkata Social Transformation - Digital Way