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Anirban Basu PhD (Comp. Science), President (2016-2017), Computer Society of India

Dear IT Professionals, I am glad that the 53 rd Annual Convention of Computer Society of India - CSI-2018, is being organized at Udaipur during December 14-16, 2018 on the theme "IOT for Sustainable Development".
The city of Udaipur known as City of Lakes is fast developing as a center for research and development of IT industry in the country. I am sure the CSI convention will help in attracting new IT organizations to start their operations in the city of Udaipur.

National Conventions of CSI have always been attended by thousands of IT professionals and have been a platform where IT professionals from the Industry, R&D, Academia exchange ideas on a variety of topics and this year will be no exception. Committee members of CSI-2018 have wide and rich experience in organizing conferences and they are putting all their efforts to make CSI-2018 a great success.
I wish the convention a resounding success.
Best wishes,

Durgesh Kumar MishraChairman, Computer Society of India, Division IV Communications [ 2016 - 18 ]
Professor and Director Microsoft Innovation Center , Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology, Indore, India

I am happy to associate with Computer Society of India, Udaipur Chapter as one of the conference chair of "53 Annual Convention 2018" at Hotel Inder residency Udaipur. CSI Udaipur chapter has successfully conducted good number of small to very big event events at national and International level.
The convention includes Invited talks by eminent International and National Speakers in the field of research in Computer Science and Engineering that will be an additional benefit to CSI members and researcher to accelerate their quality research work.

Hearty thanks to Mr. Amit Joshi and team for conceptualising the event and working out the modalities to organise this important and prestigious event of Computer society of India with the support of academicians, Industry Professionals and Government officials at national as well as International level.
I wish the Convention a grand success.

Vipin TyagiRegional Vice President, Region III, Computer Society of India

Dear IT Professionals, Computer Society of India, Udaipur Chapter is hosting 53rd Annual Convention of Computer Society of India during 14th – 16th December 2018 on the Theme " IOT for Sustainable Development". Annual convention of Computer Society of India is an important and prestigious event and we are thankful to the Society to give us a chance to organize the 53rd convention at Udaipur under Region 3. Over thousand delegates, from all walks of life, from academic institutions, government departments, industry houses and other stake holders are expected to attend the events during Convention.

On behalf of Udaipur Chapter , I assure you a galaxy of quality technical events during convention and invite you all to attend and witness this mega event at Udaipur.
Looking forward to welcome you at Udaipur,

H R MohanPast President and Fellow CSI.

It is heartening to note CSI-2018, the flagship event of CSI is being hosted by CSI Udaipur chapter. I am sure that while CSI-2018 on the theme IOT for sustainable development will provide intellectual inputs to the participants, the city of Udaipur to engage them with its tourist attractions.

Utpal K Banerjee Fellow. CSI and "Padma Shri" Awardee.

To my mind, Udaipur is among the loveliest cities in our country with abundant treasures: both man-made and from nature. The majestic palaces, temples and forts are only matched by nature’s ample gifts of lakes, hills and landscapes of verdure green.

Kudos for selecting a state-of- the-art technology as the theme for this year! Together with cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things is set to revolutionize our society and change the shape of human civilization for all time to come. Godspeed for all your deliberations!

P Thrimurthy Past President and Fellow CSI

CSI- 2018 convention would provide a pleasant Platform for the intellectuals of IOT & IOE for sharing their experiences in the affectionate, graceful and inspirational environment created by our loving CSI family at the Venice of East- The City of Lakes- Udaipur during 14-16 December 2018.

Satish Babu Fellow and Past President, CSI

It's heartening to know that CSI 2018 is being organized at Udaipur, the "City of Lakes", where we have a very vibrant CSI community. The theme of the Convention is "IOT for Sustainable Development", which is well-aligned with the remarkable growth of Internet of Things in multiple sectors around the world.

Given the high level of commitment and dedication of the Udaipur team, I'm certain that CSI 2018 will be a grand success. My best wishes!!

C R Muthukrishnan Fellow CSI

The theme of the convention "IOT for Sustainable Development" is very timely and captures the immense potential offered by IOT for India in many spheres for efficient deployment of resources, especially Natural Resources, and analytics-based examination of choices for growth. IOT can propel India toward the dream of inclusion and touch positively lives of all.

Ashok AgarwalCSI Fellow and Founder CSI-SIGeGov

It gives me a great pleasure to know that the 53rd Annual Convention of Computer Society of India (CSI-2018) is being organized at Udaipur and hosted by CSI Udaipur Chapter during December 14th to December 16th, 2018.The theme of the convention is “ IOT for Sustainable Development “ We are currently living in an exponential Era where Technological developments in the next few years may be much more than the past few decades. Internet of things (IOT) is impacting virtually all facets of human life and society creating major challenges for us to adjust to these changes. At one stage the changes will be disruptive, and on the other had this gives us a golden opportunity to leverage the technological innovations in improving the quality of life of common citizen of our county. The theme “IOT for Sustainable Development” is most appropriate as it looks at technology at one hand and how to meet the Sustainable Development goals as defined by United Nations at the other end. This Convention shall be able to focus on how to transform the Society for the benefit of the mankind.

I extend my best wishes to all members of the CSI Udaipur chapter for organizing this grand event at the beautiful city of Udaipur. I wish the Annual Convention CSI 2018 a great success.

Suresh Chandra BhatiaFellow and Past ExecCom/ NC Member, CSI

CSI has very timely chosen the Topic “INTERNET OF EVERYTHING” & "IOT for Sustainable Development" for 53rd CSI Annual Convention 2018 scheduled to be held at UDAIPUR in Dec 2018.

There is a famous saying “A LONG JOURNEY STARTS WITH A SMALL STEP.” Sometime around 1985 when Indian Railways silently introduced Computers in a big way in its Passenger Reservation System with 5 centers at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai & Secunderabad, later converted into an All India Passenger Reservation, from anywhere to anywhere in India, Few people might have foreseen that we are well on our way to a very big revolution Which might be termed as “INTERNET OF EVERYTHING”, encompassing every sphere of our lives. Later around 2000 when Computerization systems were being introduced in Indian Banking Systems, Lot of noise was made leading to mass agitations & work strikes etc. by Banking Staff, fearing that Large Scale Computerization will lead to loss of jobs. In course of time these fears proved to be false & in fact lot of new jobs were created. Bank Management, Staff & Customers eventually saw the advantages of Computerization. Next were large organizations like SAIL, BHEL, NTPC, etc. I worked in sail for a period of 42 years. When computerization began around 1990, only one Computer was available in every department, which was kept in one corner in the room of Head of Dept., duly cleaned & covered up. Slowly more computers were incorporated & people trained to use Computers in their day-to-day job. Recently when I visited Bokaro Steel Plant of SAIL, I was happy to see Computers on every table & Also being used for almost all activities, with large data instantly being transferred, With the mass usage of INTERNET, all over the Plant & Administrative Offices. Today Internet has invaded into almost every sphere of our life, Ranging from on-line instant transfer of money, instant transfer of Govt. benefits Admissions to educational Institutions from Schools to Universities to other higher seats of learning. Most of the learning materials being available on line & class room lectures being delivered directly. CSI being the oldest Organization in India, it becomes our imperative & responsibility to continuously improve upon the usage of INTERNET in every sphere.

At the same time, we also need to safeguard against misuse & various frauds being done.

In On-line activities, so that people do not lose faith in usage of INTERNET FOR EVERYTHING & INTERNET OF EVERYTHING.

With best wishes for successful organization of the 53rd Annual Convention of CSI.